12 May 2009

The Living room

So that was it! We finally had it. Enough with the boring bone white walls, yucky carpet that covered the entire front room and dining room. Yes I said dining room. Really why would you put carpet in a dining room? With kids let alone adults it's insane to keep clean. Anyway Catherine and I decided it was finally time to redo the main floor of our townhouse.

So we painted the walls and ripped out the carpet in the front room. Catherine chose Valspar Afternoon Tea (3002-3B) for the main color of the front room, Olympic Field Poppy (A24-6) for the accent wall and Valspar La Fonda Deep Olive (6006-6C) for the base boards. I was nervous at first but they really are some nice colors that give the room somewhat of a Tuscan look. With that we found a beautiful Olivewood floor from Pergo.

Before Painting
So, here are a few photos as we where starting to paint the walls. Kind of an after thought.

White and Blah!

And here I am painting.

After Painting
Here is the room with the walls all painted.

Now the Floors!

And After!

What a Nice Change!

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