01 December 2010

Terminal and PATH

After installing the latest MySQL for education/testing to my Mac I noticed I still needed to add the mysql/bin directory to my $PATH. I thought okay this should be simple to do right? But, following a mind numbing searching through a bunch of .shell_name_profile_info files in my home directory I became frustrated. So where is the correct place to store a new path for just installed software (assuming it didn't do it for me?)

The final answer should be simple right? Well, (and I'm lying here) it depends, who do you want to have easy access to the new path? For instance if you use su - and you add the path to just your stuff your out of luck when root or any other user is trying to get things started.

Info for Mac OS X 10.6:
I like TextMate but vi is free and included. (info on using vi)

Strictly You PATH:(or the person you are logged in as)
vi ~/.profile
edit or add if it's not already there
export PATH="/path/you/want/to/add:$PATH"
and save the file.

All User PATH:
go to
cd /etc/paths.d
make a new file
sudo vi mysql(SoftwareName)
enter your new path
and save the new file

And because I'm still somewhat new to this if anyone has info on the proper place to setup PATH just for root please let me know and I'll add it in. Thanks.

21 November 2010

Seperation of Tech and Food!

I have decided to split my blog into two. I have realized that this blog lacks a clear focus. Therefore, Gray Thought will become home to all my tech hacks and computer support. If you have any computer problems you'd like hacked or discussed, I'd love you to provide me a challenge! Just leave a comment on one of my existing posts and I will research accordingly.

As for my food posts, I will move that to Pepper's Cheesecakes. You will find most of my food posts have already moved to the new blog. I am hoping to update it with a current list of available cheesecakes, their sizes and prices for those of you who may want to share one with family and friends. Also check frequently for my other adventures in the food world. I never thought I'd be a baker, but it turns out I love to bake! I am sure this love will lead to destinations yet to be determined.

15 August 2010

Apple's Dictionary/Wikipedia Bug!

Update: Apple fixes Dictionary in 10.6.5, released today(10 Nov. 2010)!
Here is the File they changed:

And What they changed in the Info.plist file:

I guess they liked my fix so much they decided to use it! And why couldn't they update this earlier?
====== End Update ======

Okay, I was about to post something completely different, but as I went to look up some information in Wikipedia (via Apple's Dictionary app) I ran into a snag. I could no longer scroll beyond the bottom of the window. (Ok you Mac users give it a try.)  I use Spotlight (command-space) then type in a word like "tree," select Definition and it brings up the Dictionary app. Now click on Wikipedia and you have some good info on trees except like I said you can't scroll any further down.

So, Why did this happen? Well, it's rather simple Wikipedia wanted to enhance/update their user interface. You can read about the changes here. No fault there, they have every right to innovate and improve. So now it's up to Apple to fix. "Well, what are they waiting for," you ask? That's a good question considering Wikipedia has been testing these changes since November 2009 and I'm sure Apple has known about it.

Alas, I guess it's up to the hackers and tech geeks to fix until the big companies decide it's important enough for them to do.

Here's the info and education on the fix:

Wikipedia default skin(look) was Monobook, their new one is Vector. If we modify the Dictionary's Wikipedia search string we can force it to use the old skin by adding useskin=monobook. (You can read more fun stuff to do with the search string @ MediaWiki.)

The file to change is deep in the system frameworks so be careful not to edit anything else or it could break something.

Warning: Edit the file at your own risk, I am not responsible if you break something!

The file: (starting from the root directory)

What to change:


The file (Info.plist) and the folder it's in (Contents) have read only privilege's, so if you really want to make the change and you don't know how you will have to look up file/folder permissions and how to change them on a mac. Good Luck!

Note (16 Oct. 2010):  I mentioned this in a comment below. If you decided to test out the URL in your browser you will get an error when using &amp; However Dictionary.app WILL crash if you only use &! 

19 May 2010

Doorbell Chime

Back in May of 2009 we decided to repaint our living room. In the process I removed the doorbell cover and chime. No big loss, I didn't really miss it (in fact we kind of regret having a doorbell at times now), but it did leave some wire's hanging out of the wall. I finally decided we needed to do something about the wires. Sure I could just reinstall the old one; everything worked, but I've never liked the whole look of a plastic box sticking out of the wall (If something goes on a wall it should be decorative or functional.) While, the doorbell cover is marginally functional (it covers the ugly chime,) it doesn't do anything but sit there and detract from the rest of the decor in the room. On the other hand a thermostat while it can be ugly it displays the temperature and allows me to control my environment (functional.) It was decided that our new doorbell chime should be decorative as well as functional.

The process of finding anything decorative my wife and I agree on is a lengthy and often stressful one. But along and alas we finally picked a new chime, the Craftmade Hand Carved Scroll Design Chime in Matte Black - (CH1515-BK.). After it arrived and we opened it up to take a look. It has real glass with an Tea stained/frost to it and the whole thing is very solid. After holding it up in place we decided it would look really awesome if it had a light in it, (considering it looks like an old time lantern.) I said, "Sure I can do that."

02 April 2010


So the other day I was looking at some of the new HDTV's and came across all this hype about needing an HD antenna for free over-the-air broadcast. I thought to myself okay that's cool, but it just wasn't settling right. Later that day it hit me. You don't need a new antenna! The frequencies for UHF/VHF haven't changed, the only thing that has changed is how the information is sent on those frequencies and the bandwidth that is taken up by each station.

So to clear up the confusion here are a few links to info and such about antennas for digital TV:

Can I Use My UHF/VHF Antenna to Receive DTV?

Introduction to Over-The-Air Antennas

Digital Television (DTV)

12 March 2010

Teach the USA to cook.

After watching the video I went and looked at my son's milk that he gets from school (yes same as the ones in the store.) In 8 oz. of "1% Chocolate Lowfat Milk" there are 24 grams of sugars. Ounce per ounce, about the same as in a can of soda! And we think this is helping our kids?

But, he also doesn't drink it everyday and I know how to cook and make him a healthy dinner. Can you?

11 January 2010

To blog or not to blog...(or Ramblings of a Techie gone Foodie...)

When I created this I was sure It would be easy to come up with something to write about once a week let alone once a month. I envisioned writing about projects, ideas, concepts, hacks, and whatnot. I haven't done much of that, and it's been forever since my last post. Lately I haven't done much with technology aside from the day to day use.

No, my current focus appears to be cooking and food. New foods to explore or recipes to try. I can't be sure if this is permanent or merely due to the holidays and all that has been consumed in the past three months, but this blog has surely seen the deficit. To such an extent that I'm very intrigued with starting one for food and recipes and ending this one. But the question becomes once I start that one will it really be any different than this one? Fallen by the wayside, waiting for something ingenious to happen!

I guess only time will tell... meanwhile (and since it doesn't cost anything) I will probably start something about food and see where that takes me. If anything I will have a place for both of my passions.

If you are however reading this please do comment or email me. Maybe something may spark my interest and continue this endeavor.

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