14 July 2009

The best dang drink in the whole world!!!

Okay, well this all started a number of years ago during a trip to San Luis Obispo, CA. Now this being a collage town there is usually one street that is packed with stores. And not just your regular shops, I mean everything and anything you could think of. Most of them not more than 500 square feet.

Back then I had a taste for really spicy things. So when I saw anything touting spicy and/or hot it was purely natural to go into the shop. It was in one of these specialty shops (that I can't remember the name of now) that I found it. I had tried the salsa, peanuts, and other things. Now it was time to wet my whistle. So I went to the small drink chiller and that's when I saw it, ginger ale. I thought, "great I loved Canada Dry Ginger Ale", this should be good. But, it came with a warning. This wasn't your typical soda, the fizz doesn't come from the carbonation. It's more of a bite your tongue and kick you to the ground fizz, and it's from the ginger.

12 May 2009

The Living room

So that was it! We finally had it. Enough with the boring bone white walls, yucky carpet that covered the entire front room and dining room. Yes I said dining room. Really why would you put carpet in a dining room? With kids let alone adults it's insane to keep clean. Anyway Catherine and I decided it was finally time to redo the main floor of our townhouse.

07 April 2009

Apple's MagSafe Power Adapter

Update: It's up to Apple's discretion and I'm not sure if they are still doing it but, if you bring your frayed adapter into the store they may just give you a replacement. As long as it isn't to mangled and shows normal use.

Now I'm usually a big fan of Apple but some things they just don't get right. I got my MacBook Pro used, not a bad deal everything works great but noticed a bulge in the cable by the MagSafe connector. I thought nothing of it but I was still cautious, trying to not bend it wrong and eventually have it break. Well, over the course of a month the cable started to deteriorate. So much for being cautious. This last week it would only work if I held it just right. I had enough! I thought okay I’ll just get a new one. Sure, for $80 from Apple! What a waste of money when the only thing wrong was a bad spot in the cable. Okay so it’s a little more complex than that. The insulation was melting, the wires had poked through and started looking like steel wool. Not a good sign!

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