14 July 2009

The best dang drink in the whole world!!!

Okay, well this all started a number of years ago during a trip to San Luis Obispo, CA. Now this being a collage town there is usually one street that is packed with stores. And not just your regular shops, I mean everything and anything you could think of. Most of them not more than 500 square feet.

Back then I had a taste for really spicy things. So when I saw anything touting spicy and/or hot it was purely natural to go into the shop. It was in one of these specialty shops (that I can't remember the name of now) that I found it. I had tried the salsa, peanuts, and other things. Now it was time to wet my whistle. So I went to the small drink chiller and that's when I saw it, ginger ale. I thought, "great I loved Canada Dry Ginger Ale", this should be good. But, it came with a warning. This wasn't your typical soda, the fizz doesn't come from the carbonation. It's more of a bite your tongue and kick you to the ground fizz, and it's from the ginger.

So I had been warned. I started with the "not as hot," a perfect balance of sweet, bite, and fizz, not undermining the ginger at any point, it was amazing. I had to try the next level up "Old #3 HOT." Lets just say in relation to bite, if Canada Dry is a chihuahua yelping at your heals, "#3 Hot" may as well be a Rottweiler about to take your leg off. It will make your eyes water and take your breath away, as it burns your mouth. So I bought a couple of each.

So why bother drinking it? Well, it's good! Ok, maybe it's addictive.

I knew I wasn't going to be back for a little while so I treasured my reserves. But, after they were gone I had to get some more. (No I'm not addicted and no I don't need help.) Simple, another trip to San Luis Oispo, but upon strolling down the street I had found the shop had closed and wasn't coming back.

Great, not only had I ran out but, I didn't pay attention to the name/brand of the drink. Well that shouldn't be that hard, I'll just look for a clear bottle with white print of an eagle and Ginger Ale underneath. Little did I know, I had been hooked on one of the rarest and best drinks ever. It is said that scarcity only fuels desire, and they are right. It wasn't until last year that I was able to find the origins of this golden elixir.

Blenheim Ginger Ale! I had finally found it. The location of the bottlers is in Hammer, SC, the only problem is it’s still almost impossible to get a hold of. Well unless you live near the border of north and south Carolina. Or order it by the case and pay just as much if not more for shipping.

So, until I can afford my addiction, here’s to you Blenheim, for making the best dang drink in the whole world!

And yes there is even a shrine for those who enjoy the drink.

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