11 January 2010

To blog or not to blog...(or Ramblings of a Techie gone Foodie...)

When I created this I was sure It would be easy to come up with something to write about once a week let alone once a month. I envisioned writing about projects, ideas, concepts, hacks, and whatnot. I haven't done much of that, and it's been forever since my last post. Lately I haven't done much with technology aside from the day to day use.

No, my current focus appears to be cooking and food. New foods to explore or recipes to try. I can't be sure if this is permanent or merely due to the holidays and all that has been consumed in the past three months, but this blog has surely seen the deficit. To such an extent that I'm very intrigued with starting one for food and recipes and ending this one. But the question becomes once I start that one will it really be any different than this one? Fallen by the wayside, waiting for something ingenious to happen!

I guess only time will tell... meanwhile (and since it doesn't cost anything) I will probably start something about food and see where that takes me. If anything I will have a place for both of my passions.

If you are however reading this please do comment or email me. Maybe something may spark my interest and continue this endeavor.

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