21 November 2010

Seperation of Tech and Food!

I have decided to split my blog into two. I have realized that this blog lacks a clear focus. Therefore, Gray Thought will become home to all my tech hacks and computer support. If you have any computer problems you'd like hacked or discussed, I'd love you to provide me a challenge! Just leave a comment on one of my existing posts and I will research accordingly.

As for my food posts, I will move that to Pepper's Cheesecakes. You will find most of my food posts have already moved to the new blog. I am hoping to update it with a current list of available cheesecakes, their sizes and prices for those of you who may want to share one with family and friends. Also check frequently for my other adventures in the food world. I never thought I'd be a baker, but it turns out I love to bake! I am sure this love will lead to destinations yet to be determined.

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